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Company Director
Instructor and Examiner
Pilot and Payload Operator
(IDPS 1011E)

David Bird started his aviation career as an engineering technician. He conducted a full aviation apprenticeship, which led him to becoming a supervisor specializing in Helicopter Airframe and Engines.

In 1980 he started his transition to being an helicopter pilot. He eventually operated all over the world flying Seakings on a mix of RN & RFA ships and from many foreign airfields. He also spent 3 years in the Mediterranean on an exchange appointment with the Italian Navy, expanding his experience and exchanging ideas and concepts. During his long flying career, he became an Instructor, Examiner and Maintenance Test Pilot, amassing over 8000 flying hours in the process.

David is also an aviation consultant, who builds his own drones (SUAs) and for fun flies small, aerobatic, fixed-wing aircraft in his spare time.

David is also Head of Standards and a SUA Instructor & Flight Examiner at Flyby Technology.

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