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Retention of our operating approval requires compliance with our PfCO, CAP 722, the Air Navigation Order 2016, Data Protection and other local and national laws and bylaws.  We will not knowingly operate outside the law, or in a manner which is unsafe, so please don’t ask us to. We are professionals; trust us to make the right decisions for you!

  • We are not a detective agency so will not carry out surveillance or spying operations.

  • The UK has many locations which are inside either controlled or restricted airspace. Flying a drone/SUA within them is not necessarily prohibited. Provided we can gain approval from the relevant controlling authority, we are happy to look at operating anywhere.

  • The same applies to airspace assigned to airfields. Our pilots hold Radio Telephony (RT) licences, which means we are permitted to use airband radios so we can liaise with air traffic control (ATC). Therefore, flight within an air traffic zone (ATZ) or controlled airspace (CAS) can be negotiated with ATC and instructions complied with.

  • There are some places, however, that drones are prohibited to operate. We’ll let you know, at the outset, if your proposed site falls into that category.

  • Our responsibilities under the Data Protection Act are quite clear. We will not release media containing a readily identifiable individual unless we have the appropriate ‘model release’ form. We may, on time sensitive tasks, release digital media with blurred-out sections in order to comply with this law.

  • Although copyright of the final digital media remains with you, we retain the right to use that digital media in our promotional material.

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