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How do I pay and what do I get for my money?

  • An invoice will be raised once you have reviewed and approved the preview media.

  • Full resolution digital media will not be released until we have received payment in full.

  • Our costs cover routine pre-flight risk assessments and normal operating approvals. Where additional costs are associated with specific approvals (e.g. filming at English Heritage sites), we may ask for those costs to be met in advance as they are, in many cases, non-refundable.

  • If we have to postpone the task for operational reasons (e.g. airspace closure or weather) we will give you as much notice as is possible and reschedule for a mutually agreeable date.

  • You get a first class, professional crew, equipment and basic editing for your investment. Our travel and/or reasonable accommodation costs are included. Any additional costs will be discussed and agreed, prior to accepting the task

We accept payment in cash or by cheque, but we prefer BACS or IBAN transfer.

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