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The Importance Of A Good Look Out

Having spent the day dodging showers, 9 Flyby Technology students were undertaking the flying training portion of the 5 day course at Shrewsbury Town Football Club, when a 60 Squadron Griffin interrupted proceedings by making a precautionary emergency landing in the field adjacent to our training field. As a component of the flying training, David and Gareth had been emphasising the need for a good lookout and had been springing 'aircraft incursions into the operating area' on the students, by way of practice.

So when the Griffin arrived unannounced, the students reacted swiftly and correctly ensuring that there was never a risk of collision.

Having had a chat with the crew and establishing that the reason for the forced landing was a birdstrike, the helicopter departed having been cleared to fly by a mobile engineering team.

The event illustrated beautifully, to the students, the importance of a maintaining both a good lookout and situational awareness.

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