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A Rather Special Flyby Technology Course

Gareth Bird and Jon Parker conducted another successful Initial Drone Pilot Standard course for Flyby Technology, at their new Bosworth Battlefield and Stoke Golding site, in East Midlands.

Five students completed the course having operated from a busy aerodrome, which saw Army helicopters transit overhead at low level, circuit training being conducted in single piston, fixed wing aircraft, an Enstrom helicopter visit for the afternoon and control line aircraft being operated from the adjacent field. Even though the students were flying at a busy aerodrome, they took it all in their stride having been taught how to carry out a comprehensive risk assessment and liaise with manned aviation.

As a bonus, at the end of the last day, the students got to see just how closely and safely manned aviation could operate with remotely piloted aircraft, in a shoot with the airfield owner's Christen Eagle. The event was planned and briefed thoroughly, contracts drawn up and contingencies discussed. The Eagle flown by Tim Jinks, would be filmed by a DJI Inspire (flown by Jon Parker with the camera operated by Matt Brown), which would in turn be filmed by a DJI Phantom 4 Pro (flown by Gareth Bird). The shoot went off without a hitch producing some fabulous footage and both the students and Tim went away with a new found respect and admiration for what could be achieved, safely, with the correct training and planning. See the video below (credit to Paul Brown Photography for the video).

We look forward to assisting Flyby Technology with the next training course.

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